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Events in 2019

Events in 2019

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-04
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(Summary description)

Events in 2019

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-04
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1. On January 1, 2019, the NC-ERP system went online.

2. On January 19, 2019, the company's board of directors appointed Guo Shaoding as the company's general manager.

3. In January 2019, the 108 workshop completed the process verification production of tacrolimus.

4. On March 7-9, 2019, the inspection of the license for export of bacitracin zinc to the European Union passed smoothly.

5. In April 2019, the company will set the 10th of each month as the data self-inspection day.

6. On April 13, 2019, Agilent Gas Chromatography Network Edition went online.

7. On April 28, 2019, the renewal of the World Standard Certification was successful.

8. May 18, 2019, the company's first fire drill day.

9. On June 1, 2019, the testing center established a comprehensive team.

10. On June 13-15, 2019, the company organized the first full-staff outreach training.

11. In June 2019, the company's electric garage was completed.

12. On July 5, 2019, the cyclosporine and tacrolimus plants passed the safe completion acceptance.

13. On July 9, 2019, the company's board of directors elected Guo Shaoding as the company's chairman.

14. On August 13, 2019, the hazardous chemical storage tank area of ​​302 workshop passed the safe completion acceptance and was put into use.

15. On August 20-22, 2019, the EU GMP certification for fusidic acid was successfully passed.

16. On August 23, 2019, the Febuxostat plant passed the safety completion acceptance.

17. In August 2019, the human resources information system went online.

18. In August 2019, the company's first "Standard Month" event.

19. On October 1, 2019, Yuanda's tax system went online.

20. On October 12, 2019, 301 workshop completed the construction of glassware standards

Work, making the company the second company in Yancheng City and the first company in Sheyang City that can be independently verified.

21. On October 13, 2019, the company participated in the headquarters

The first employee safety fun sports meeting with the theme of "safety" won the second place in the overall team performance.

22. In October 2019, the fire safety production control center was completed.

23. On November 18, 2019, the company signed the company's first strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai North Carolina Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

24. In November 2019, the supplementary application for bulk change of fusidic acid was approved by EDQM.

25. In November 2019, “a method for preparing ernotinib hydrochloride” applied for an invention patent.

26. On December 28-30, 2019, mycophenolate mofetil GMP re-certification was successfully passed.

27. In 2019, the annual output of fusidic acid-kg (for the first time)

Breakthrough--Kg), bacitracin zinc--kg, mycophenolate mofetil--kg (first breakthrough--kg), pioglitazone hydrochloride--Kg.

28. In 2019, the company's operating income exceeded-100 million yuan, and the profit exceeded-10,000 yuan.

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